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Emuhaya Constituency which doubles up as Emuhaya Sub County is one of the 290 elective constituencies in Kenya situated in Vihiga County. It is bordered by Khwisero Constituency to the North, Sabatia and Vihiga to the South, Luanda to the East, Butere Mumias to the West and Ikolomani to the South.

Emuhaya Constituency is divided into three County wards; North-East Bunyore Ward, Central Bunyore Ward and West Bunyore Ward. Administratively, the Constituency is divided into two divisions; Luanda division covering; Tongoi, Ipali and Ebukanga locations and Elukongo division which covers Ebusamia, Ebusiratsi, Echichibulu and Emakunda locations with a total of twenty-five(25) sub locations).

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